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In Lethbridge, you'll find a number of options to accommodate business travelers looking for affordability, convenience and connection to industry. From large-chain operators to a 1910 Victorian mansion, you will find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that is part of our small-city charm.

The Lethbridge Lodging Association (LLA) is a group of key accommodation properties working together to enhance tourism opportunities and help you deliver a successful event. We can work with the LLA to check hotel and venue availability on your behalf as well as support the bid process, particularly when dealing with multiple venues. If you choose Lethbridge, the LLA may also be able to provide incentives, value added options and tailor-made solutions to help track room nights and event impact.

Find many of Lethbridge’s hotel properties at

We look forward to welcoming you to Lethbridge to stay, meet, and enjoy the experience.

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Did You Know?

In Lethbridge we have more than 43,000 publicly owned trees.